Candice Harris BelferCandice Harris Belfer
Board Title: Founder & Spokesperson

Candice Harris Belfer is a former plus size model, an accomplished entrepreneur, anti-bullying advocate and a mother of two young boys. Candice has lost over 150 pounds in 4 years naturally - with a smart diet and exercise. She now mentors others who say "I can't" and convinces them to say "I can". She experienced major bullying in high school because of her weight and today she is passionate to find that voice to children who walk in similar shoes. She is now a spokesperson for wellness, obesity advocacy, self-esteem and anti-bullying initiatives. Candice shares her vivid story of transformation, overcoming obstacles and is the unique voice for others who need to hear that someone else has been there...and done that! Candice currently resides in Freehold, NJ and is a mother of two boys who inspire her to be a better person everyday.

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